has been guiding leaders for over 30 years, developing their ability to be effective and masterful. Her diverse background and experience – from specially challenged children to visionary entrepreneurs, and analytical corporate business leaders – has given her unique insight into human behavior.  She leads clients to access their individual creativity and power and optimize their engagement with others.  Her work is infused with insights derived from her extensive study of organizational development, shamanism, energy healing, ancient wisdom, and the universal principles of human behavior.


She is able to effectively bridge the mythical, analytical and emotional reality in a way that enables clients to produce extraordinary results without sacrificing soul.


She holds a Ph.D in Business Administration, a Masters in Education, and a BS in Design.



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is a business leader, known for his creative vision, making connections outside the usual standards of operation. He has been in the trenches as a CEO from non-profits to tech start-ups.


He has launched and guided many successful entrepreneurial ventures over the past 35 years. His companies span a range of interests from sports marketing to manufacturing to international business, all with a common thread of creativity and innovation that answer needs in an ever-changing marketplace.


Trained as an engineer and an award winning designer, Asbury quickly found his power as a visionary leader, proposing maverick ideas and honing his ability to attract others to the possibilities he saw.


He is a student of indigenous wisdom practices from Asia and South America and brings those insights to the business world in an engaging and provocative way for leaders.

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